Jill Lareaux

Clay and Bronze Sculpture

Artist Jill’s Lareaux’s figurative clay and bronze sculpture is work that welcome touch, whispers, and long silences, and is somehow infused with the range of emotions it takes to be alive. Most clearly her work is a mirror. It holds together all the tender loose strands that begin to unravel when we don’t take care of ourselves. When we aren’t mindful of our collective vulnerability. 

Jill has been honing her skills for 35 years. Her art is the substance with which she funded her formal art education, and the fuel that sustains her desire to learn. She still remembers her first drawing as a child, “I sat on the floor and drew it on the kitchen door with an orange crayon.  It was a giraffe with four legs.  I was surprised, at the time, that I didn’t get punished.”

In 1999, she established her home-studio,"Clayfield Studio", just outside of Saugatuck MI. She works in a spacious renovated chicken coop, one of three original barns on her retired country farm complete with intimate gardens. In addition to working in clay and bronze, she also uses painting and printmaking to explore the rich visual language that distinguishes her work. Her deep love of learning upholds her personal commitment to herself as a creative soul. The solid underpinning of the artist we know and love.

Price range: $150 - $15,600